Free Family Entertainment in Las Vegas: Mirage Volcano

Mirage Hotel and Casino’s artificial volcano is one of the top Las Vegas shows and attractions that shouldn’t be missed by anyone visiting Vegas. It is hard not to notice the Mirage volcano as it is located along the Strip, Las Vegas’ notorious playground. Its marvelous performance of volcanic eruptions complimented with the best musical score makes it one of the highlights in Vegas. It is just one of the attractions of Mirage Hotel, a luxurious accommodation in the city noted for gambling, marriages, entertainment and shopping.

Mirage volcano has put on a show for avid spectators for the last 11 years and massive improvements and rebuilding has been added to maintain its reputation among the free attractions in Las Vegas. Its recent renovation was in 2008 when a big investment amounting to more than $28million had been reserved for its rebuilding. At present, tourists can witness an almost realistic volcanic eruption every night.

As what the company boasts, the experience at the Mirage volcano is like witnessing a real volcano erupting without the ash. Those who view this show right in front can even feel the hot temperature creating more thrills to the whole experience. Hotel guests booked at the 14th floor and above can enjoy aerial view of the Mirage volcano.

Spectators will be impressed when fireballs are shooting from the crater into the air for almost 12 feet. Added with the most modern effects, the audience will feel the earth rumble beneath them. Aside from the two volcano system, the whole stage is composed with a lagoon, pools and waterfalls. The whole set up creates a very tropical environment, very contrary to Las Vegas’ natural ambiance of glitz and lights. Just like its sister company, the Bellagio fountains, this show also uses music to choreograph the whole show.

Impressive, thrilling and simply amazing, it’s no wonder why this artificial volcano has become of the city’s landmarks. Putting a show every night, the Mirage Volcano should be included as one of the things to do in Las Vegas with teenagers. The attraction is perfect for their age – not too young for theme and water parks and not old enough for gambling.

Mirage Volcano Tickets
Mirage Volcano Schedule
The artificial volcano at the Mirage erupts everyday beginning at 7:00 p.m. and runs every hour on the hour until 11:00 p.m. (nightly). Show can be canceled anytime without prior notice.

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